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The Best Pet Portrait Artists To Look Out For

As a fur parent, there’s no better way to cherish the beautiful memories you have with your pets than having a custom pet portrait. If you think a single photo of your dog or kitten should be displayed on the wall, then a hand-painted portrait or a custom pet portrait would be a spectacular option. In fact, it will serve as an exhibition of your beautiful times shared with your adorable fur babies.

Along with that, a custom pet portrait can also be a unique, fun, and amazing present for any season. Plus, many of the best pet portrait artists out there are willing to create a gorgeous portrait of your pet. Today we’ll take a closer look at some of the best pet portrait artists that deliver high-quality, beautiful pet portraits.

5 Things to Consider When Ordering a Pet Portrait

Before deciding to get a service from a particular seller or artist, make sure to check these important things. It can assist you in determining the quality of a custom pet portrait you intend to order, as well as whether you are working with a reputable and best pet portrait artist to create a lovely portrait for your adorable pets.


Artists utilize different mediums to create beautiful and unique portraits. They offer various selections, from charcoal and pencil portraits to watercolor and oil paintings. Perhaps oil painting is the most expensive medium you could find.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more affordable pet portrait with a quick turnaround from the artist, a digital portrait would be the best option. All you need to do is find the best pet portrait artists that can create a masterpiece portrait for your very own furry baby.


Even the most skilled and talented artist will ask you to send the best photo of your pet. That being said, ensure you have a nice selection of your pet’s photos to provide for your chosen artist. There are a few artists who will ask for one photo, but others prefer to have as many as possible to get the best shots and angles of your pet. It helps the artist more to get the whole sense of your pet’s character and build.


There is also a wide selection of sizes available for every seller or artist. Make sure to check it earlier and decide on the exact size you want and where you will hang your pet’s custom portrait. Most of the classic sizes start at 8 x 10 and can be larger than 48 x 72. Keep in mind that the portrait’s size will significantly determine the cost of the portrait.


You can check if the seller or artist offers a frame for your customized pet portrait. It’s all up to you if you want to get their framing services. Some artists offer a pro frame, while others have canvas. 

Service vs. Private Artist

There are a lot of services available online that will look for an artist for you and let them create a masterpiece portrait for your pet. Few sellers will allow you to choose whose artist you prefer, while others simply do it for you. If you want to be hands-on while the process is ongoing, you can always hunt down the private artist yourself. 

On the other hand, if you let the sellers do all the work, then don’t forget to indicate in your request the actual portrait you want to have.

Reasons to Get a Pet Portrait

There is an extensive list of reasons why, as a pet owner, it is a great idea to own a custom pet portrait, especially if it is made by the best pet portrait artists. We even listed the top three leading reasons why you should consider getting a custom pet portrait.

As a Gift

A pet portrait is one of the most fantastic gifts you could ever give to a pet owner, regardless of whether it is a family member or your friend. A gorgeous pet portrait is frequently something that pet owners will love to own but may not immediately think of for themselves. And if you’re a furry parent yourself, it can also be the best gift for you and your fur baby.

Memorialize a Deceased Pet

There’s no better way of remembering all the memories you’ve spent with your pet than a custom pet portrait. It is the most memorable gift for your pet and serves as a loving tribute to its existence in your life.

Just for Fun

Ask any pet owner if they’ll love a lovely picture of their ultimate favorite and most adorable pet striking a pose in a custom portrait. For sure, they will love it! Who doesn’t want a beautiful picture of their darling four-footer?

3 Best Pet Portraits Artists You Should Check

1. Iconic Paw

official website of Iconic Paw
Image by: Iconic Paw

Iconic Paw is one of the best sellers of high-quality and lovely custom pet portraits. This seller has an extensive choice of iconic Harry Potter and Star Wars characters that your pet can dress up as. They have their own team of top portrait artists on hand to create a legendary portrait of your pet.

Apart from that, they have the most budget-friendly pet portraits for those on a tight budget. You can have a copy of your pet’s portrait for as low as $49.95. But, of course, prices vary on the type of style, material, and size you order. If you wish to order a custom pet portrait that costs $100, you can enjoy their free shipping discount.

2. Paint Your Life

official landing page of Pain Your Life
Image by: K9ofmine.com

Next up, Paint Your Life offers an amazing service of connecting you with a wide network of artists who specialize in making the best pet portraits from photos. They have the best pet portrait artists with out-of-this-world talents that deliver one-of-a-kind custom pet portraits.

Besides, this seller also has various materials to offer, which you may like for your pet portrait. They offer charcoal, oil, watercolor, and a lot more. Of course, the price varies on the type of medium, material, and size you want. Their custom pet painting starts at $199 for 8 x 10 sizes and can go as high as $459 for 30 x40 portraits.

3. PortraitFlip

official website of PortraitFlip
Image by: K9ofmine.com

PortraitFlip is another seller that offers different mediums. You can choose from watercolor, charcoal, pencil sketches, and so on. The best pet portrait artists make each portrait, so you can be sure you’ll get the most beautiful custom portrait of your pet.

One thing to note about PortraitFlip is that you’ll need to pay at least 30% as an upfront payment for the painting cost. You are asked to settle the rest of the payment once you are happy and satisfied with the final product. Like the previous sellers, this one also guarantees a 100% refund.

The cost of the portrait starts at $125 for a 12 x 12 and can increase up to $480 for a 48 x 72 portrait.

3 Best Pet Portrait Artists on Etsy

1. Emma Kaufmann via Etsy

watercolor custom dog portrait
Image by: Etsy

You can find on Etsy a skillful artist named Emma Kaufmann, who creates gorgeous watercolor pet portraits. Emma specializes in making beautiful watercolor pet portraits, and you can always check out some of her bright, colorful pet portraits.

Just like other artists, the price of Emma’s pet portraits varies on the size, style, and how many pets you want to have added to the portrait. But for an 18 x 24 size, Emma charges around $96 for one pet and $120 for two pets.

Apart from that, Emma also has a straight five-star rating on Etsy, which indicates you’re dealing with a reputable artist.

2. Vivian Cooper via Etsy

watercolor custom dog portrait
Image by: Etsy

If you’re looking for an artist who specializes in more traditional pet portraits, look no further. Vivian Cooper is another great artist on Etsy that delivers gorgeous, high-quality custom traditional pet portraits. She uses watercolors and pastels when creating the best pet portrait for your dog or kitten. 

Like the previous artists, Vivian also has a five-star rating on Etsy, and her artworks are available at $190 for 11 x 14 and $320 for 16 x 20.

3. Elshan Custom Watercolor Portraits

watercolor custom dog portrait
Image by: Etsy

Check out the artist Elshan on Etsy for a more affordable custom pet portrait. This talented artist also offers cute, funny custom watercolor pet portraits, allowing you to add some customization to the final portrait. Just contact the artist for a great quality, watercolor-style piece!


Finding the best pet portrait artists can be challenging at times, especially if you don’t know where to start. You can always check out the guide prior to getting the service of an artist or seller for you to have a beautiful, high-quality custom portrait for your adorable and loving pets.

Featured image courtesy of Etsy.

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