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The 5 Best Cat Portraits To Look Out For

As cat owners, we know that our furry friend is more than just a pet. It’s wonderful that we can also display photos of our beloved pets alongside our portraits of ourselves. There are many different kinds of pet art portraits available, but a customized cat portrait would be the least costly option.

Unlike traditional pet portraits, a custom cat portrait is readily available. The sellers or artists can finish your pet’s portrait in less than a week. It is a great option if you are also searching for a last-minute gift. Along with that, the best cat portraits are available in any size or style you want your pet to portray.

There are thousands of sellers out there that offer the best custom cat portraits. In fact, we have looked into the market and reviewed the five best cat portrait sellers. These skilled and talented artists could create a stunning, one-of-a-kind custom cat portrait for your feline. We also list some of the best factors to keep in mind before you choose a good custom pet portrait for your cat.

What Makes a Good Cat Portrait?

There are numerous different factors to consider before buying a new custom cat portrait. You should always check the availability of the medium, size, style, and service of the sellers and, of course, the price. Do you want the best cat portraits of your feline alone, or would you like your cat to unlock a heroic character from your favorite series? Do you want a stencil, a watercolor, or a digital painting? How much is your budget available for your cat’s best portrait?

All these factors have a critical role in helping you choose the best service and selection available for your feline’s big moment. Also, we have run down some important things to consider when choosing your next best cat portrait.

Concept Design

The concept or style behind a custom cat portrait will always depend on your preferences. There are a few sellers and artists that offer a simple canvas print with your feline’s face. Other companies also offer various beautiful designs and characters for your feline friend to choose from. In general, it all boils down to what you are looking for in your pet.

As for digital pieces, you can unlock a timeless concept and style. For instance, digital portraits allow artists to let their pet dress up as a royal paw, a striking hero or villain in a famous series, or a pop artist. Meanwhile, traditional or hand-drawn pet portraits concentrate only on your cat’s image, which allows a few concepts or styles compared to digital pieces.

Type of Portrait

Portraits are available in numerous different types. You may encounter stencils, oil drawings, watercolor paintings, or charcoal pieces. These kinds of paintings will certainly differ in terms of pricing depending on the type of medium. If you want a budget-friendly option, you should go for stencil and charcoal drawings. If, on the other hand, you have enough budget for your pet’s custom portrait, watercolor and oil paintings are good to go.

Another great option is a digital portrait. This type of work is done utilizing digital design software, in which artists produce a spectacular custom pet portrait. When it comes to digital portraits, you can have a lot of concepts and styles to choose from. It also costs a little less compared to portraits created by hand.

Size of Portrait

The size of the portrait can differ significantly, depending upon how you want to display your cat’s portrait in your house. The best cat portraits are available in a variety of sizes, beginning with smaller portraits at 16 x 24 and progressing to extra-large pieces at 48 x 72.

Remember that the size of your preferred custom pet portrait determines how much you will need to pay. A smaller custom cat portrait is much easier to produce and costs a little less compared to a larger piece of portrait. That being said, it is important to weigh your needs and the cost of the portrait prior to choosing the best size for your cat’s portrait.

Artist and Service

When getting a service from a seller and artist to create the best cat portraits, don’t forget to check first how reputable they are with their work. You can always do a little research to see if they offer high-quality custom pet portraits and read any reviews that talk about how great their service is.

5 Top Companies That Offer the Best Cat Portraits

1. Iconic Paw

custom cat portrait as Harry Potter character

Iconic Paw is one of the best sellers of unique and high-quality cat portraits. This company specializes in turning and dressing up your feline into iconic Star Wars and Harry Potter characters. They also offer other peculiar characters designed by their highly skilled digital artists for a high-quality piece.

Other than that, Iconic Paw has a great team of customer service to assist you with all your needs. After a couple of days of placing your order, their team will send you a draft copy of your pet’s portrait for approval prior to shipping it to you. What’s more, they offer a 100% refund. Prices start at $49.95 USD, depending on the size of the canvas you want.

2. Porter Reid 

customized cat portrait wearing royal dress

Porter Reid stands out for its peculiar and convenient service and offers a wide range of selections for the best pet portraits. They are known in the market for the best quality of their pieces offered to all clients and customers. On top of that, Porter Reid is also commendable for its simple, user-friendly website that allows any pet owner to select and customize their own pet portrait. They offer various designs and concepts for you to achieve the best cat portraits, which can all be found on their website.

Aside from that, Porter Reid also offers an extensive selection of sizes and frames. Their products and portraits are also very affordable, with prices starting at $69.99 USD.

3. Crown and Paw

royal cat custom portrait wearing headdress crown

Next up, Crown and Paw has specialized in creating the best cat portraits of famous characters and figures. They also have a large selection of simple portraits of your cat that can be transformed into a legendary heroic character with up to four pets in one frame.

They also offer the cheapest custom pet portraits, which is a perfect option for those on a tight budget. Even though they offer pieces of not quite the same quality as pieces from Porter Reid, their services and products deliver good quality for their price. This seller is also known for its eco-friendly packaging and great customer service. Their products is available at a starting price of $39.95 USD.

4. West & Willow 

customized cat portrait in modern theme

West & Willows takes pride in itself as the main producer of clean, contemporary-designed aesthetic custom portraits for your pets. You can browse their extensive catalog to find a great style to get the best cat portraits. They allow up to three pets in each portrait, and any type of animal can be quickly turned into an adorable portrait.

You can choose from three sizes they offer, such as 8 x 10 inches, 12 x 16 inches, and 18 x 24 inches. This seller will print you the best custom cat portrait on great quality paper that comes with a minimalist hardwood frame. For one pet, West & Willow will charge about $65.00 USD.

5. Purr and Mutt

cat portrait as a royal character

Purr and Mutt sets apart from the previous pet portrait companies thanks to its affordable products and services. They offer a good-quality custom cat portrait for just $26 USD. You can choose from a wide range of styles and designs from this seller, so just look through their catalog.

Although its quality is a bit lower compared to other sellers on the list, their custom portraits are still quite a steal for the price. Like the rest of the most popular services on the list, you need to upload an image of your cat and answer some questions to start getting your order. 


On the whole, there are a wide variety of options for creating unique and beautiful cat portraits. How long you want the portrait to last and your aesthetic preferences will determine the style of portrait that’s right for you. If you can’t make up your mind, you can check out our guide and some of the best pet portrait companies that offer great service.


All images are courtesy of Iconic Paw’s Official Instagram.

Featured image courtesy of Iconic Paw’s Official Instagram.

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