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10 Best Harry Potter Gifts for Pet lovers

The Harry Potter series has been a fan favorite since its premiere in 2001. This series is filled with magic, adventure, and suspense, making them hard to put down. If you’re looking for the best Harry Potter gifts for pet lovers, you’re on the right page! There are a plethora of unique and amazing Harry Potter-themed gifts out there for you and your pet-lover friends.

From Harry Potter collars to customized Harry Potter pet portraits, we made sure to gather the 10 best Harry Potter gifts for pet lovers that you shouldn’t miss out on.

1. Hogwarts Knitted Dog Snood

Hogwarts Knitted Dog Snood
Image by: Houndy.dogfuriendly.com

This Hogwarts Knitted Dog Snood is one of the best presents you could ever give to every fur parent close to your heart. This item can provide warmth to your puppy or feline’s neck during the winter or colder seasons. What’s more, this Hogwarts Knitted Dog Snood comes in four different styles, representing the four major houses in the Harry Potter films. That being said, don’t forget to ask a friend, sibling, or colleague what particular house in Harry Potter they want to go into!

2. Custom Harry Potter Pet Portrait

Custom Harry Potter Pet Portrait
Image by: Iconic Paw’s Official Instagram

One amazing Harry Potter gift you can provide for any pet lover is a personalized Harry Potter pet portrait. This is a one-of-a-kind present that will be momentarily loved and appreciated by whoever receives it. Just visualize your feline or puppy playing a heroic pose like Gryffinpaw, Ravendog, Slytherpaw, or Huffledog!

These customized Harry Potter pet portraits will absolutely remind you of all the Muggles of your cuddly pet’s wizarding skills and abilities. You can always check out the  iconic paw for more iconic characters you want your adorable pet to play with.

3. Harry Potter Hedwig Jar 

Harry Potter Hedwig Jar 
Image by: Theshopthatmustnotbenamed.co.uk

A Harry Potter Hedwig Jar can be a fun present to give to any animal lover, whether it’s fur or non-fur. Don’t worry, they will certainly love it! Fur parents can utilize this jar to place or store the snacks or treats of their cute and charming pets. In fact, they can even store some vital daily essentials for their pets here to organize things well at home.

4. Harry Potter Sorting Hat Burrow Dog Toy

Harry Potter Sorting Hat Burrow Dog Toy
Image by: Amazon

For every pet lover who is also a huge fan of the most-watched Harry Potter series, a Harry Potter Sorting Hat Burrow Dog Toy with house plush is such a cool gift for them. Each of the super-plush toys represents one of the four iconic houses in the Harry Potter films, so they have the option to stuff them inside the hat and just keep the house their puppy belongs in.

5. Gryffinpaw Rope Collar

Gryffinpaw Rope Collar
Image by: Houndy.dogfuriendly.com

This Gryffinpaw Rope Collar is indeed the best gift you can get for fur parents out there who wish to be part of the Gryffindor house. It is a special edition dog collar designed with a deathly hallows tag. Aside from its nice style and vibrant coloring, which can also be tailored to the house you choose, this Gryffinpaw Rope Collar is also readily available at a very budget-friendly price tag. Simply get this item if you’re planning to buy a gift for a Harry Potter-fan friend but on a tight budget as of the moment!

6. Harry Potter Gryffindor Pet Bowl

Harry Potter Gryffindor Pet Bowl
Image by: Primark

During this magical time of Harry Potter, let this Gryffindor Pet Bowl take your pets’ dining experience to a new level, whether they are furry puppies or regal kittens. Whether it’s gifts for your Harry Potter fans or owners, this soft bowl is the best accessory for any pet.

The Harry Potter-themed pet bowl sports the exact same house colors as Gryffindor, complete with a striped design and a bold Hogwarts logo on the front. You can give your furry friend a meal, or you can use it as a water bowl instead. This is a soft and cute treat for your pooch, especially since they prefer to be in Gryffindor’s house.

7. Custom Harry Potter Pet Puzzle 

Custom Harry Potter Pet Puzzle 
Image by: Pawandglory.com

For sure, this Harry Potter pet puzzle is a fun, exciting customized gift for your furry friend, which they can use to play with their other family members. When making it, you can request to add up to three pets in one frame and choose up to 50 different backgrounds. However, make sure to have some extra cash in your pocket, as you need to pay an additional fee for every pet included in the puzzle.

It is especially available at Pawn and Glory, where they will ask you to upload a photo of the dog or kitten, so don’t forget to ask a friend for a specific picture of their cutest pet. Simply indicate in your request that the doggie will be dressed up as one of the iconic Harry Potter characters. What’s more, they offer unlimited revisions and your item will be delivered in just 3-5 working days.

8. Harry Potter Dog Tag

Harry Potter Dog Tag
Image by: Houndy.dogfuriendly.com

This sturdy and stylish Harry Potter dog tag is a personalized item, designed exclusively for your furry friend who is also an avid fan of the Harry Potter series. They are available in three different colors, where you can pick from silver, gold, or copper, or get a combination of colors.

9. Dogwarts Personalized Bandanas

Dogwarts Personalized Bandanas
Image by: Etsy

Is your pet a loyal Gryffinpaw, a clever Ravendog, an ambitious Slytherpaw, or a brave Huffledog? Your doggie or kitten is sure to look great in these Dogwarts Personalized Bandanas. The bandana stylishly reveals which of their homes they belong in, so make sure to choose the ideal item for them.

10. Harry Potter Costumes for Dogs and Cats

Harry Potter Costumes for Dogs and Cats
Image by: Amazon

Any pet parent will be overjoyed to see their pet dressed up in a fancy gown and outfits inspired by the Hogwarts Class Uniform. There are a lot of Harry Potter costumes for you to choose from, so make sure to get a pair that will make your doggies or kittens look stunning. You can also check out this costume we have, which is inspired by the main character, Harry Potter, himself.


If you’re a Harry Potter fan and a pet lover, any of these ten gifts would be perfect for you. Whether you want to show your love for your favorite character or spoil your pet with a new toy, there is something on this list for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Go out and get one of these gifts for yourself or the Harry Potter fan in your life.

Featured image courtesy of Amazon.

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