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Best Personalized Pet Gifts This Holiday Season 2020

Black Friday, Christmas Gifts, Santa Elves, and an ongoing to-buy gift list for all the people… and pets! Make your favorite furry friend feel loved and appreciated when you gift them (and yourself) with these awesome Christmas gifts to make your lives a bit easier than a whole lot more fun. Here are the coolest custom pet gifts for pet lovers and your pet this year.

1. Pet Portrait

Star Wars Pet Portrait (Master Paw)

A picture is worth 1000 words and your custom painting of your pet will be worth more than a novel. You can select from a multitude of different canvases and themes from Star Wars to Harry Potter to royal pet photos. Created by real artists, your custom pet portrait will be a masterpiece to have for many more holidays.

2. Custom Dog Bowls: YETI

Yeti Custom Dog Bowl

Make your pet feel special with their customized bowl. Choose among different colors, printed names, and more with their custom pet gift they will use daily. These Yeti dog bowls even give you the option to select a dog icon that matches your dog!

3. Dog DNA Test

Dog DNA test

Wondering how your pet got so cute? Well now you can know and celebrate their heritage properly with their own Dog DNA Test! Helpful for breed identification and preventing health issues, learning more about your dog’s history

4. Smart Toy

Wicked Dog Bone Smart toy
Play toys of the future! While there’s plenty of new technology to snag for yourself as holiday gifts, let your pup in on the fun with this AI-powered interactive toy. Drive the bone with the Wicked Dog Bone app to control its virtual joystick, including 12 different types of emotional driven systems, which act responsively to different types of touch, such as chasing, teasing, and more for endless control-powered fun for your pet!

5. Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Apart from receiving a kitten as a present, this is the next best cat owner gift is a self-cleaning cat litter box. Make one of the least preferred parts of your daily routine easier and cleaner with this Litter Robot that is WiFi-enabled and automatic so you never have to scoop cat litter again and your cat gets a clean bed every time.

6. Memory Foam Bed

Memory Foam Bed

Pets need just as good as sleep as humans which is why you should invest in a nice sleeping memory foam pad for them. These memory foam pads can fit in crates and they can be cleaned easily through machine or spot cleaned. With a memory foam pad, your pet can be relieved from any tummy aches, joint pain, and other body soreness.

7. Pet Collar

Different Pet collar

Pet collars are like what shoes are to humans, you can never have enough of them and they show off your personal style in so many different ways. From floral printed bandanas to classic neutrals, your pet collar can express who your pet is and show off their unique personality in a simple way. Check out these beautiful leather collars that can be engraved with your pets initials this holiday.

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