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Surprising Your Favorite Pet Dad on Father’s Day 2021

Father’s Day is coming up and every dad deserves to be celebrated! Being a dad is a big responsibility and it is a title you earn, rather than one you are entitled to. Pet dads are also dads, in their own way, and there is nothing stopping you from celebrating both the human dads and the pet dads in your life this upcoming Father’s Day.

That said, what can you get for your favorite pet dad this year? If you are tired of the regular Father’s Day gifts, like the tie he never ends up using or the socks that look just like the socks you got him the year before – perhaps it is time to think outside the box. 

What Is a Pet Dad?

A pet dad is a male pet owner who loves his pets as if they were his children, and while the term “dog mom” is more frequently used – dog dads, cat dads, and other pet dads exist too. These men make sure their pets receive the love, attention, and care they need, and they, too, deserve to be celebrated! 

It is estimated that 67% of households in the US have pets, and many of these pets live in a home with at least one male human – a pet dad.

How to Make a Pet Dad Feel Appreciated

Both human dads and pet dads go out of their way to care for their children (furry or not), and while dad appreciation shouldn’t be limited to only one day per year – Father’s Day is still a great opportunity to make the pet dads in your life feel special. How do you make someone feel special? By making an effort.

Prepare a Morning Surprise

There is nothing personal about a tie, and many dog- and cat dads tend to receive gifts that are for their pets, rather than for them. Let’s shake it up a little! The key here is to make dads feel good on their special day.

Pet dads usually wake up and attend to their pet’s needs first thing in the morning. If you have a dog dad in your life, why not set up a small surprise for when he’ll be taking the dog out for a morning walk? 

Consider getting him a new spill-proof coffee mug and placing it by the door, so that he can take his morning coffee with him when walking the dog! Complete the gift with other things he may need, such as a roll of waste bags, a small bag of dog treats, a granola bar and a card. Make him smile before he even leaves the house on Father’s Day!

Choose a Unique Gift

Father’s Day is about appreciation more than it is about gifts, but if you want to get a pet dad in your life something special – how about a personalized item that will have him crack up with laughter as he unwraps it? 

Instead of socks that end up in a drawer, never to be seen again, try something new and give a deserving dad a gift that is made to be displayed! Get him a portrait. Not convinced yet? Hear us out. Have the dad in question portrayed as a king to show him how much you appreciate, love, and admire him, or have his favorite fur child made into the queen he treats her like!

For a dad with more refined taste, you can always opt for giving him an unforgettable, modern portrait of his children (both human children and pets), to immortalize a fleeing parenthood moment. Time flies, but a portrait is a gift that will persevere.

Spend Time Together

Another way to celebrate a pet dad on Father’s Day is to go somewhere as a family! If there are dogs involved – hit the dog park, and perhaps a dog-friendly restaurant or café? It is a good idea to go to the dog park first to tire out your furry friend, and that way you can enjoy a meal out in public while your pup naps by your side.

Making a pet dad happy is often linked to him seeing his pets happy, and it is a smart move to plan a day where everyone gets to have their fun. If the pet dad isn’t a dog dad but a cat dad, a proud aquarium owner, or the “dad” of a hamster – get a fun toy or activity for the pet, so that you can take dad out while giving his fur children something to do at home.

Keep In Mind

Pet dads may or may not have human children, but they deserve to be celebrated too on Father’s Day. These are only a few examples of what you can get for a pet dad! The options are countless. It is the thought that counts when picking out a gift, but if you want to take the opportunity to give a great dad a physical gift he won’t forget – choose something personal. 

Ties, socks, and chocolate are all great gifts, no doubts about it, but neither is personal enough to show your favorite pet dad you picked it out just for him. Playing it safe works sometimes, but why not go the extra mile for Father’s Day this year?

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