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How to Find Amazing Pet Instagram Accounts to Follow

Perhaps you’ve started your own Instagram account for your pet, you’re slowly beginning to gain followers and you like the overall look of your feed, but you lack inspiration! Sure, you follow a few accounts, but you want to find pet accounts that really speak to you. Now, how can you find incredible pet accounts on Instagram?

Here is a quick guide to finding pet accounts that you’ll love on social media! Start browsing, and find accounts that will inspire you and that you can interact with to further enhance your Instagram user experience.

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Instagram Suggestions

A very simple way to find new accounts to follow is to look at your Instagram suggestions! You can find these by clicking on the magnifying glass in the bottom panel. Once you click, you will see a feed full of different photos, videos and reels, and if you see something you like – click on the Instagram profile to check if it’s worthy of a follow.

Using the Instagram suggestions work best if you follow a lot of pet accounts already or if you tend to browse pet accounts, as that will make the algorithm show you similar pet content in the suggestions.

Searching by Hashtag

The best known way to find appealing Instagram content is to search by hashtags. You will need to use the search function for this (the search box is located right over the Instagram suggestions). Click the search box, choose “Tags” and type in the hashtag you wish to explore.

You can search for something simple like #dogs or #dogsofinstagram, or you can test out more targeted hashtags like #bullterrier or #dogswithhats. Whatever you are interested in or would like to follow – there is most likely a hashtag for it.

Another way to use hashtags is simply to click on a hashtag added to someone’s photo to see what pops up! It can be a hashtag you have added yourself to your posts or hashtags added by accounts you already follow.

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Instagram Reels

This is a relatively new feature on Instagram, where users can now upload videos similar to those you’d expect to see on TikTok. The reels feature has exploded in popularity over the past few months, and it is another great way to discover fun and unique pet accounts!

Click on the movie symbol in the middle of the bottom panel and start scrolling! It is a great way to pass time when you are on the bus on your way to school or work, or when you just need a little encouragement and something to make you smile. The reels could potentially help you discover some true Instagram gems!

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Word of Mouth

Some of the bigger Instagram pet accounts, like @tunameltsmyheart with over two million followers, are featured regularly in magazines, on TV and in hundreds of viral memes, and there are many other big pet Instagram accounts that you are likely to find out about one way or the other.


Instagram offers a fantastic community for pet lovers all over the world, and there is something there for everyone! Following the right accounts can be both inspiring and intriguing; it can help you come up with ideas for your own content, and also serve to brighten your day when you need a reason to smile.

Start scrolling around to see what you find! You can look for breed specific accounts, accounts for small dogs, dogs that wear clothes or anything you would like to see in your feed when you open the app. Finding the best accounts can take a while, but it is well worth the effort!

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