Grey Dog in Royal Garb NFT

Your Pet as an NFT

What is an NFT

NFT or non-fungible token can be a picture, gif, or even a house that is “minted” as a token within the blockchain. This started most famously on the Ethereum blockchain in 2015. Once the token is minted it is recorded on the blockchain as the original and there can only ever be one of the same assets. This means if anyone tries to duplicate the token and pass it off as the original it is very easily proved to be fraudulent through the blockchain ledger.

How it Works

At Iconic Paw we are implementing NFT technology into our existing model. With each order customers are given the option to also receive their pet’s portrait as an NFT for a small additional fee. Once you confirm this our team mints a 1 of 1 NFT of your pet’s photo. After the purchase, you will receive the digital token & ledger via the email you have provided during checkout. Want to check it out? Look at the first pet portrait ever created here.

If you’ve already bought a portrait don’t worry you can buy your own NFT with your existing portrait from Iconic Paw. Feel like you have a pet that deserves to be shown off? Take your freshly minted NFT to one of the many NFT marketplaces and put it on the market. Be aware that once you sell it you no longer own the token as it pertains to the blockchain.

How to Show off Your NFT Art

One of the most creative parts of NFT’s is how people are showing them off. One of the most common ways of showing their 1 of 1 token is with a digital frame. This is especially nice if you have multiple pet NFT’s you want to show off as you can have it create a slideshow of your NFT art pieces. Additionally, if you have a video NFT or GIF NFT it will allow you to play them on repeat.

Another option that people have been choosing is displaying their NFT’s as static or moving phone backgrounds. This is a great idea if you want to make sure you can show off your NFT at every hour of the day.

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