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Pet-Related Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Figuring out the perfect Father’s Day gift for your pet-loving father can be difficult. There are thousands of products out there that tackle this but not all of them are quality. In an effort to make your Father’s Day a breeze this year we selected some of our favorite pet-related gift ideas for your dad.

Pet Boarding/Training Schoolpet’rea

The most expensive of our suggestions, a pet boarding/training school is sure to be appreciated if your father has a pet that is a bit rambunctious. While it won’t permanently reduce the amount of energy they have it will make it easier to keep them in line with learned commands and other tricks. This is especially true if they have a dog. Then again if they have a cat they will likely just do what they want no matter what you say.

Pet Clothing

Does your father have a pet that gets cold easily or just needs a bit of fashion? Pet clothing is a great solution for this. While 10 years ago there were not that many options to choose from you can now buy costumes, jackets, and other clothes for your pet that are fashionable and high quality. If your father has a pet that is in a colder climate then maybe consider buying a jacket for them to keep them warm. While they are a great way to add style to their pet they do have great utility for pets that have adapted to warm climates and have thin fur coats.

Pet Shoes

While most of the time shoes for our pets are not necessary they can be a lifesaver in extremely hot and cold climates. Bare paws on asphalt can be painful for our pets during the hotter months. This is especially true if your father enjoys taking his pet on outdoor walks through the city. 

If you are in an extremely cold climate then you may also want to consider shoes for your pets as well. There are many breeds of dogs and cats that have been bred to live in warmer climates and as such are not prepared to walk in snow or cold climates where they are at risk of frostbite.

Shoes will provide some comfort for your pet in these situations. That is if you can get them to keep them on for more than 30 seconds.

Custom Pet Portrait

Have a Dad that’s obsessed with their fur companion? Check out our selection of custom pet portraits! We offer a variety of styles so you are sure to find one that fits your father’s style. Have a dad that likes Game of Thrones? Get one of our various paintings that allows his dog to become a medieval king or queen. 

Is your father obsessed with Star Wars? We have you covered with our selection of custom paintings that allow you to make your cat or pup a Sith lord, Jedi master, Princess Pawleia among others. Looking for a cleaner look? We offer clean, stylized prints that will match any modern aesthetic. 

Another great thing is all of these styles are available for humans as well as pets so you can make your dad look like royalty or a superhero on his day.

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