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Top 10 Pet Portraits of June 2020

As we pet owners know, taking pictures of our fur babies is a special pastime. Not only do we want to capture every adorable moment to show off to our friends, but we also want to collect every memory of our pets that we can before they are one day gone. Getting professional pet portraits done has become a popular way for people to show appreciation for their animal companions. Even though we may have camera rolls full of playful pups in action or kittens pawing at a favorite toy, there’s something special about having a portrait done to show how much we love and care about our furry friends.

Here at Iconic Paw, we want to show the same kind of love and appreciation to your pets that you do! Which is why we want to provide a truly unique experience when it comes to ordering a custom pet portrait. We know how much you love to treat your dog like the king he is, and we want to help express that on canvas. Every animal has a personality just as strong as their owners, and our customizable portraits are perfect for letting everyone know who your little fur baby truly is on the inside.

To show you what we mean, here are our top 10 pet portraits of June 2020:

10. The Admiral
The Admiral Pet Portrait

There’s an air of prestige about him. I don’t know how many wars this Admiral has fought in, but I can tell you he’s won all of them. The vacuum cleaner will think twice before invading his homeland again. We’re just glad Janel C was able to sit him down for a portrait before he’s called back to his duties.

9. The Aristocrat

The Aristocrat Pet Potrait

This aristocat has certainly seen some things. Like maybe a squirrel, or a bird. Either way, Kim P’s cat Ash looks absolutely regal in this painting.

8.  The Duke

The Duke Pet Potrait

Is the Duke licking his lips because he’s thinking of dinner? It’s quite likely, but we won’t hold that against him. Thanks to Renee A for sharing this portrait of her pre-dinnertime pup!

7.  The Statesman

The Statesman Pet Portrait

This statesman may look like he has murder on the mind, but we assure you it’s only foreign policy. Come election time, this cool cat always gets our vote. We’re sure this portrait of Ozzy is fit to hang in the Capitol with the rest of them. Thanks, Michelle H!

6.  The Samurai

The Samurai Pet Portrait

Of all the samurai in the land, this one’s our favorite. He only takes payment in bones and chew toys. Amy G was able to get this powerful portrait done as a thank you for chasing all of the squirrels away from her birdfeeder.

5.  Top Hat & Monocle

Top Hat & Monocle Pet Portrait

We must say Jack looks absolutely dapper in his top hat and monocle portrait. If you can’t see the intelligence in his eyes, maybe you can see it in his eyeglass. Kyzara B has certainly added a touch of class to her home by having this painting hanging around.

4.  The Angel

The Angel Pet Portrait

We all like to think of our fur babies as little angels, but in this portrait, Sue A’s dog actually is one. It just goes to show that all dogs really do go to heaven.

3.  The Statesman

The Statesman Pet Portrait

We love a pug who smiles for the camera; it doesn’t matter which row of pearly whites they want to show us. When this statesman wants to win his reelection, he only has to use his puppy dog eyes. Thanks for sharing, Christina M!

2.  The Godfather

The Godfather Pet Portrait

He definitely doesn’t have the eyes of a killer. More like the eyes of a beggar. Either way, I’d still give thisdogfather exactly what he wants. Brenda B sat him down for a portrait on this, the day of his daughter’s wedding.

1. The Clown

The Clown Pet Portrait

Penny’s owners probably weren’t trying to name her after a clown. Nonetheless, if Hollywood wants another remake, they should definitely give this cat a call! We’ll tell Tracy P to keep her phone lines open in case any agents try to reach out.

Thank you to everyone who left reviews with pictures of their amazing portraits! We love to see the joy that people receive when they open up their custom pet portraits for the first time.


At Iconic Paw, we want to make getting portraits fit for a king as easy as possible. Once you look through our collection of outfits, where we have anything from royalty to military, to pop-culture references, all you have to do is upload a picture of your adorable furry (or feathered) friend. After selecting the canvas size and placing your order, our team of talented designers set to work lovingly rendering your pet in the style that you chose. Before long, you’ll have a piece of art in the mail that is sure to show everyone just how special your four-legged companion is!

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