puppies wearing Disney character-themed costumes

Five Pet Halloween Costumes You’ll Want to Try This Season

Time to get your pumpkins out, your candy, your costumes, and your pets! Halloween is a fun time for all to get dressed up in their favorite costumes and revel in the spooky spirit. Despite the world going on around us, you can still dress up your pet for the upcoming holiday – here’s a few fun ideas to get your inspiration!

1. Food

puppy wearing food-themed costume

We love food, and we love pets, so why not combine them both and make your wiener dog the cutest little hot dog you’ve ever seen. Pick from a variety of your favorite foods, from tacos to avocados to ice cream, and plop your favorite little pet in it!

2. Another Animal

dog wearing octopus-themed costume

If you love pets, then you should love animals and what’s better than seeing a dog in a giraffe suit? Nothing. Whether it’s a cat in a bear suit, a dog in a shark suit, or both your pets as octopuses, let your pet be their alter ego animal this Halloween!

3. Dynamic Duo

puppies wearing Disney character-themed costumes

Bonnie and Clyde, Thing 1 and Thing 2, Mario and Luigi, no matter the duo, your pets are bound to want to be dressed up together for the holiday. If you have two pets, choose your favorite dynamic duo and get them both in on the fun!

4. TV Show Character

dog wearing a Rubie's Ghostbusters Movie Pet Costume Jumpsuit

If there’s one thing quarantine has brought us is a lot of Netflix and a lot of new shows to binge. With the arsenal of shows out there, it’s not difficult to figure out which villain or action character that your animal should be dressed up as this fall. Everything from The Politician to Umbrella Academy to Stranger Things can be a great cast of characters to pull from. You’re tv watching is being put to use!

5. DIY

Puppy wearing a Frenchie Fries Halloween costume

Not finding what you’re looking for? Try making your own! Get silly and creative with it and think of how your type of pet, the size of it, and its own unique personality can be shown off in its outfit.

Do you have any plans for you and your pet for Halloween? What’re some of your best pet Halloween costume ideas? Be sure to enter Iconic Paw’s Halloween Pet Costume competition for October for the chance to win $1000+ and more in prizes!

Halloween Pet Costume Ideas Infographics

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