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Simple and Delicious Dog Treat Recipes

We all want our dogs to be healthy and happy, which is why we want to make sure they’re getting the best nutrition possible out of their food. Whether you’re the kind of pet parent that goes to websites that compare the best food brands for your pup, or the kind that stands in the pet food aisle for half an hour reading the ingredients on a bag of treats, we do these things out of love and responsibility to our pets. Monitoring what goes into their bodies is one of the best ways to keep them healthy.

Unfortunately, it’s a well-known fact that the healthier a treat is for your dog, the more expensive it will be. Thankfully, there are plenty of simple dog treats that can be made at home in your kitchen for a fraction of the cost. By making these treats yourself, not only do you know exactly what your dog is eating, cutting out any of the preservatives that store-bought treats use, but your pooch is guaranteed to feel special eating a treat that you’ve made just for them. The treats we’ve compiled in this list are easy to make, and don’t be intimidated by the perfect milk bone shapes you’ll see in these recipes; your dog is sure to chow down no matter what your treats look like.

11 Easy Treats Your Dog Will Love

Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Treats

These are a great baked treat that will leave your whole house smelling like fall. Not only will your dog love the peanut butter, but the pumpkin and cinnamon make this a perfect seasonal snack.

 Peanut Butter, Flax Seed, and Beef Broth Treats

If you’re looking for a super healthy snacking option, then these treats are the way to go. Flax seeds are full of nutrients, and the peanut butter and beef broth will keep your pup interested while getting a healthy dose of vitamins.

Frozen Apple Treats

While this recipe does require some sort of blender, the only ingredients you need to worry about are apples and some plain Greek nonfat yogurt. These frozen treats are a quick and healthy way to cool your pup down on a hot day.

Cheesy Bone Treats

Our dogs love things covered in cheese just as much as we humans do. These cheesy treats are made from a simple, four ingredient dough, so you can get an arm workout kneading dough while making delicious dog treats at the same time.

Vegan Gluten-Free Treats

This is a great recipe for dogs who can’t have wheat products, as they use oat or rice flour instead. With the addition of bananas and peanut butter, your dog will be drooling over this treat.

 Apple Carrot Treats

This blog offers a few different recipes for dog treats, but we’re really impressed by their healthy apple carrot treats. All you need is some flour, an egg, some shredded carrots, and unsweetened applesauce.

Doggy Cookies

These treats are great for dogs who can handle wheat products and milk. Next time you’re reaching for the cookie jar make sure to grab a treat for your furry friend as well.

Banana Almond Soft Treats

These almond butter and banana soft treats are perfect for both little puppies and older dogs who don’t have the same chewing power as they once did. Not to say these treats are limited to babies and elders, we’re sure your adult dog would happily chow down on these snacks as well.

Pumpkin and Carrot Treats

Why not give your dog all their orange colored vitamins in one simple treat? Just a warning, these treats look good enough to eat, so make sure to make yourself some human pumpkin cookies while you’re at it.

Frozen Pumpkin Treats

If you live in a hotter, humid climate like I do then you know that fall doesn’t necessarily mean colder weather. These frozen pumpkin treats are a great way to celebrate the season while still helping your dog beat the heat.

Frozen Fruit Treats

This recipe is super simple and versatile. So long as you have some plain Greek yogurt, you can make these treats with a bunch of different fruits, though this recipe uses watermelon and raspberries.


Even though these home-made treats are fairly healthy and good for your pup, it’s important to remember that even good things should be consumed in moderation. Especially since many of these treats have fruit in them, which contains natural sugars, make sure not to give your dog too many of these in one day. This kind of food should also never replace the kibble they have at mealtimes, as dog food contains many nutrients that dogs need that can’t be found in these treats.

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