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Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Pet’s Birthday

Our dogs are our sweet furry babies, so why shouldn’t we celebrate their birthday just like humans? Our dogs bring so much joy into our lives, so it only makes sense to return some of that happiness by letting them know how special they are on their big day. Each dog has different things that make them happy, and no one knows how to get your dog’s tail wagging better than you. If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration, though, then we’ve compiled a list of super fun ways to celebrate your dog’s birthday.

Throw them a doggy birthday party

The best way to celebrate a birthday is with some friends, both for you and your dog. Invite a few of your fur baby’s favorite pups over for a day full of fun. When it comes to the guest list, it’s okay to keep things small, as you don’t want your dog to get overwhelmed with too many other animals in their space. If you don’t have a big enough yard to accommodate a few other pooches, then taking the party to a dog park is a great alternative.

One of the best parts of a birthday party is the cake. Thankfully there are dog safe birthday cakes that you can buy or even make yourself at home. We found an excellent recipe for peanut butter and applesauce cakehere, topped with peanut butter and yogurt frosting. If you love spending time in the kitchen and want something a bit fancier, we also found a recipe for cupcakes, or should we say “pupcakes,” that adds carrots and oats, topped with a cream cheese and peanut butter frostinghere.

A birthday party also needs games! Getting a few pups together is always a recipe for fun, but don’t be afraid to have a few organized games, too. One doggy game we love to play is Toy Toss, where each pet is given a toy to play with for a few minutes before their owners all throw the toys at once. The first dog to bring the correct toy back to its owner wins! Even if your pups aren’t very good at games, your dog is sure to have fun playing with their party balloons.

Let your dog pick out their birthday present.

We all know our dogs can be finicky creatures. There’s no telling what toys they’ll like until we’ve already brought them home. One great way to solve this problem is by having your dog pick out their present. On their birthday, take them to the closest pet-friendly store and let them take you up and down the aisle until they find the perfect toy for them.

Take your dog somewhere new.

We often get into the habit of taking our dog on the same walking route or to the same dog park over and over, whether because they’re the closest or the easiest or simply because we like the routine. While there’s nothing wrong with that, our dogs are also curious creatures who love to explore. Make their birthday special by taking them to the dog park across town or on a hiking trail they’ve never walked before. Even just switching up your usual walk route can provide a lot of excitement for your canine companion.

Take your dog for a swim.

Most dogs love to swim, and if that’s true for your dog, then a water day might be a great way to celebrate your dog’s birthday. Whether you take them to a local beach, a dog-friendly pool, or even just set up a kiddie pool or a sprinkler in the backyard, your dog is sure to have a lot of fun. While we don’t recommend this celebration method during the winter months, it’s an excellent way for dogs and owners to beat the heat in the summer.

Get your dog an Iconic Paw portrait

Nothing shows how pampered your pooch is other than a custom Iconic Paw portrait. Whether your pup has the air of a royal, the command of an admiral, or a Jedi force character, we’re sure to have a style that fits their personality perfectly. Once you’re chosen your portrait style and picked a canvas size, all you have to do is send us a picture of your furry friend, and our team of artists will lovingly render them onto a portrait fit for a king. Before long, your one of a kind portrait will be delivered right to your front door. There’s no better way to celebrate your pet than hang their royal portrait up where everyone can see. Visit us at to pick out your dog’s next best birthday present today.

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