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GUEST POST by Creative-Carole.

We had been together for over four years. Everywhere I went, he went too – my soul mate, a constant companion. We were inseparable; him the protector, watching my every move, me the provider, making sure he was fed, watered, and loved. In those four years, I had watched my baby grow into a beautiful and handsome German Shepherd. Kaiser, as I had named him, was my world.

Upcoming Change

How could I explain it to him? He had always been the baby of the family. How could I explain what was about to happen and that another baby was joining the family? At times, I thought that he seemed to understand as he would gently nudge my ever-growing baby bump.

People asked: What will you do if he doesn’t get on with the baby?  My answer was always the same. “The baby will have to go because my dog will always come first.” They would laugh, but I was serious. Never having had a child before, I didn’t think I could love anyone or anything more than my beautiful Kaiser.

A New Family Member

When the day finally came, I brought my baby son – Daniel – home, I  was so nervous. Kaiser would do his best to try and sniff this strange little bundle, I tried to let him, but I have to confess to being somewhat nervous. He was a big and powerful dog. and he was very loyal.  Would he resent this little being taking up so much of my time and love?

It was not until my health visitor came over one day and asked me to leave the room. I did so and watched from the hallway whilst she gently laid my baby on the floor next to Kaiser.

She waited patiently whilst he looked at the baby, and then he glanced at me as if for approval. I held my breath as he stood so tall over Daniel, then ever so gently, he sniffed his blanket, and then his face, Daniel woke and began to cry softly.

It was at that moment that I knew everything would be okay, as my gentle giant licked my baby from head to toe. He was putting his smell on him, and then he lay down next to him, put his head next to Daniel’s head, and stayed there for the next hour whilst Daniel stopped crying and fell asleep.

An Unbreakable Bond

As Daniel grew, so did their bond, an incredible bond that I have never seen before formed. Kaiser, again the protector, following his every move, sleeping by his cot and then by his bed as he grew older, playing in the garden, letting Daniel dress him up in ridiculous scarfs when the football match was on, and waiting for him faithfully by the window – the same time every day – to come home from school!!!

Kaiser was nearly 14 when he passed away, peacefully with Dan and I by his side….we will never forget you, our gentle giant.

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