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5 Steps to Being a More Eco-Friendly Dog Owner

GUEST POST by Jo Williams.

We all know we need to be more sustainable to help out the planet, but did you ever think about your pet’s carbon pawprint? Being an eco-friendly dog owner isn’t always easy but it’s often much better for your dog’s overall health.

Everything from natural treats to home-cooked dinners can have a positive effect on your dog’s wellbeing. Read on to find out the ways your choices can improve your dog’s green credentials!

Cut the Plastic

Dog food often comes in big, ugly plastic bags that are not even recyclable! Opt for tinned food (100% recyclable) instead, or buy food in bulk to reduce the amount of plastic you are using.

Some places are even offering refill stations to eliminate the need for single-use packaging. Dog toys are another huge source of plastic for dog owners, opt for sustainable alternatives like hemp rope or natural rubber.

Food Bowl

Go Natural

Guess what? Treats don’t need to be full of miscellaneous additives and come in little pouches. Dogs love treats that are a natural waste product from our food industry; pigs’ ears, chicken feet, deer antlers. Plus they are way healthier for your dog!

Deer antlers, that are naturally shed each year, have the added bonus of cleaning your dog’s teeth as they chew.

Make Your Own Kibble

Why not cut out the middle-man and make your own dog food? For centuries dogs have quite happily lived off of our leftovers, so why not cook their food while making your own? You can even go down the raw dog food route if you do your research.

But do keep in mind there are several things you should avoid feeding your dog like onions and chocolate. Most meat, veggies, and fruit are great as a part of a balanced diet for your dog.

Dog lying down in the floor with Homemade Kibble besides

Compostable Poop Bags

This one’s a no-brainer! Why wrap organic waste in plastic then add it to landfills? Biodegradable or compostable poop bags are the solution. Just make sure to check with the retailer that there are no nasty microplastics in those ‘eco-friendly’ dog poop bags.

Support Sustainable

There are lots of fantastic companies out there making dog clothes and accessories out of recycled materials. From ocean waste plastic being turned into dog collars to dog beds made of fully recycled waste. Buy products that will last like stainless steel bowls instead of plastic and toys made out of eco super products like hemp.


This has hopefully given you and your pup some fresh ideas to help you be more green. Any tips you’d like to share yourself? Drop a note in the comments below.

About the Author: Jo Williams is a freelance writer from London, England. Coming from a family of Jack Russell owners, Jo shares tips for looking after these enigmatic dogs on her website The Jack Russell

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