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Can Dogs Eat Bananas?

GUEST POST by Mike Grover.

Bananas are the perfect combination of nutritious and sweet. The chewy texture and the sugary yumminess are the ultimate equation to make their tail wag, but you might be wondering, can dogs eat bananas?

Can Dogs Eat Bananas?

The expert weighed in and the answer is, yes, dogs can have bananas. Still, they process them much differently than we do and don’t get all of the nutrients that we do. But, if your dog starts to beg when you peel a banana, go ahead and give them a piece, it won’t hurt!

Are Bananas Good for Dogs?

Some fruits out there have a bad rep with pups due to the release of toxic chemicals during digestion. However, bananas are not on that list, making them safe food. Though your dog may want to devour the whole thing, make sure that you peel the banana beforehand and then toss it over.

One thing to keep in mind is that, unlike for us, bananas don’t do as much for your dog nutritionally. If you feed them good dog food that’s rich in nutrients, you’ll find that they won’t lack any kind of nutrient or mineral. So, keep on the lookout for foods with all the key nutrients, including healthy proteins and antioxidants.

Dog Banana Costume

Are Bananas Ever Bad for Dogs?

What about bananas being bad for dogs? Just like with any other super sugary food, you shouldn’t go on a frenzy and feed your dog an excessive amount. Sugars can lead to weight gain which could be really unhealthy for your pooch.

Even though it might seem like your dog is having the time of its life with a banana, only give them bits and pieces here and there. When in doubt, try and follow the golden food to treat ratio, which is 90% food and 10% treats.

Best Banana Snacks for your Pups

Because of the sweet flavor, your dog may gobble them right up when they come close. To feed them safely, simply peel and cut them into small pieces. On top of that, you could consider these gourmet ways to feed your pooch bananas here and there.

Frozen Treats

If you have a dog that loves ice and other crunchy cold stuff, try and freeze a few bananas. It might help to take the peel off beforehand, leaving the banana or pieces of banana in the fridge. Then, just toss them a treat! These are awesome for hot summer days when the temperature is high.

Bananas and Doggy Peanut Butter

The savory fusion of bananas and peanut butter isn’t just a human favorite, it’s dog-approved too. Find some dog-safe peanut butter and spread it on their banana. They will love this lip-licking treat and surely beg, jump, and shake for more. 


Bananas and Bacon

For brunch-inspired flavor, mix a banana with bacon. Go for treats that don’t have so much processed fats or use real bacon that’s trimmed of most of the fat that you cook in your home. This combo is savory and sweet and will definitely evolve snack time.

Bananas for Dogs

Because we get so much yummy goodness out of bananas, it’s easy to think that our dogs do too. While they might love them and beg for them, they don’t get the same kind of nutrients that we do, which makes it kind of a bummer.

Still, if your dog is a huge fan, don’t deprive them, just ration them. Giving them a little sweet treat here and there is okay. Plus, mix it up and play with different flavors for a snack time they won’t be able to resist!

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