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14 Best Gift Ideas for Puppy Lovers and Owners

If you’ve been searching for the perfect gift to give someone who loves puppies, there are tons of great options out there so it can be a challenge choosing between them. 

In this guide, we’ve rounded up 14 of our favorite gifts that puppy lovers and puppy owners will adore from both our own collection and across the internet.

Step Doggo’s Family Portrait Personalized Print

Our first gift idea for puppy owners is this Step Doggos family portrait that’s perfect for making any new arrivals feel like part of the family. Simply upload photos of your two pups and our artist will turn them into a beautiful piece of art. You’ll receive a high-quality canvas that makes a great gift idea for puppy lovers.

Step Doggo’s Family Portrait Personalized Print

Did You Feed the Dog?

This next gift is perfect for those that are new to having puppies around the home and might not have got in a routine just yet. Simply slide the correct tab across once you’ve fed the pups in the morning or evening so that everybody else knows. This is also a great gift idea for kids who have puppies to help educate them about feeding the dogs.

Dog Gadgets

Puppy In Your Pocket T-Shirt

This cotton t-shirt has a cute design that any puppy lover will adore. The cartoon pooch can be seen cheekily sitting in a fake pocket on the front of the t-shirt. There’s both a men’s and women’s fit, each available with a choice of five base colors. As well as a paw-some design, the cotton t-shirt is comfy to wear at home or whilst out and about.


Custom Watercolor Canvas

Here’s another personalized canvas that would be great for puppy owners. This one is in a watercolor style that will capture their puppy in perfect glory and is sure to complement any interior décor. With any of our canvases, you can choose to have them arrive framed or unframed to allow your recipient to source their own.

Water Color Portrait

‘Dogs Welcome, People Tolerated’ Sign

All puppy lovers will be able to relate to this sign, ‘Dogs Welcome, People Tolerated’. The funny wooden plaque can be hung in their home to welcome visitors (human and canine). The sign is 10” long and comes with twine pre-attached so it can easily be hung once your recipient has opened it. 

Dog Sign

Harry Pawter Print

This personalized print is perfect for any puppy owner who has always dreamt of their pooch getting a role in a worldwide blockbuster film franchise. We have a range of TV and film prints but this Harry Pawter print is one of our favorites.

Harry Potter Pet Portrait

Knit Your Own Dog Kit

If you’re buying a gift for someone who loves puppies but hasn’t been able to get their own for whatever reason, this gift idea is perfect. The kit involves everything needed to knit their own pet including yarn, needles, knitting patterns, and stuffing. 

Not only will they have their own cute puppy afterward, but it won’t need feeding or walking. There are three kits available with different breeds including a Beagle (shown here), Golden Retriever, and Dachshund.

Knit Dogs

Find more gift ideas for dog lovers without dogs over at The Gift Ninja.

Willow Tree – Angel of Comfort Figurine

Willow tree figurines are a great gift idea with seemingly one for all occasions. The original sculptures are hand-designed by artist Susan Lordi with the figurines then replicated from this. They always have a deep meaning that reflects the emotions we face at certain points in our life.

This one features a child angel cuddling their brown dog on their lap. It comes with an enclosure card that reads ‘Offering an embrace of comfort and love’ which captures the sentiment of the sculpture of the love between children and their pets.

If your recipient is older, there is also a similar figurine of an adult with a dog called Angel of Friendship.

Angel Figurine

Dog Training Book

In this dog training book, YouTube star and Animal Planet presenter Zak George shares his tips and tricks to help get any new puppy up to scratch with the house rules. The book covers everything from basic training up to cool tricks and activities for owners and their dogs to try out.

There’s also plenty of information about caring for a dog, including food, health care, and how to deal with behavioral problems. This 240-page book is available as a paperback, spiral-bound book, or audiobook. 

Dog Training Book

Nerf Tennis Ball Blaster

The tennis ball blaster from Nerf will make fetch much more fun for puppies and their owners. It comes with specially designed small tennis balls that their pup will easily be able to pick up in their mouth. 

The blaster will shoot the balls up to 50 feet away ready for their dog to chase after. If they are going through those awkward few months where the puppy needs to stay inside until they’ve been vaccinated, the Nerf ball blaster can be a lot of fun in the house too, provided there aren’t too many breakables around!

Dog Toy


Classy Lady Personalized Print

We had to include a custom print for the female pups and what better than this classy lady print. With a crown and regal necklace, their puppy will become a fine member of the elite upper class, what more could a puppy parent want. 

As with the previous prints, the design will be created from a photo you supply and printed on high-quality canvas with the option of having it framed too.

Dog Portraits

The Dogfather Whiskey Glass

This next gift idea is one for the dog dads. With this glass, can sit next to the fireplace with man’s best friend as they sip on smooth whiskey. The glass has been laser engraved with a fun ‘The Godfather’-inspired design that they will love. For the perfect gift set, pair it with their favorite bottle of booze.

Dog Father Wine Glass

Dog Mom Sweater

We had to give you a great gift idea for dog moms too. If they love to tell everyone they meet about their doggo, this dog mom sweater will go down a treat. 

With ‘Dog Momma’ across the front, their little pup is sure to come up in every conversation until the whole world knows about their little pup. It’s a cotton blend sweatshirt that comes in a variety of base colors including grey, pink, and blue. 

Dog Mom

Labrador Puppy Jigsaw

Our final gift idea for puppy lovers is this jigsaw featuring three of the cutest Labrador puppies. The 1000-piece puzzle will keep your recipient entertained for many hours as they piece together the high-quality photo of the pups. Once complete, the jigsaw measures approx. 27” x 20”.

100-Piece Dog Puzzle

Which gift idea is your favorite? Comment and let us know!

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