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10 Perfect Gifts For Star Wars Fans

We can’t deny that Star Wars remains one of the most-watched movies. Every series released on the market attracts a larger audience, with a new iconic character unlocked. If you happen to be shopping for perfect gifts for Star Wars fans and may be unsure of what to buy, then you’re on the right page.

From unique new items to collectibles that will appeal to even the most die-hard fans of the Star Wars movies, the following list will help you browse countless perfect gifts for Star Wars enthusiasts.

1. Custom Star Wars Lightforce Master and Paw Portrait

Custom Star Wars Lightforce Master and Paw Portrait
Image by: Iconic Paw

Looking for a special and fantastic Star Wars gift for a friend who happens to also be a fur lover? A customized Star Wars Lightforce Master and Paw portrait is absolutely the best gift you could ever give. Imagine your friend and his cuddly pets striking a heroic pose as one of the Star Wars mavens. Indeed, it’s a truly wonderful and unforgettable gift idea!

Apart from that, they can even be a Darkforce Adept and a Darkforce Paw Paw in one frame by just spending around $99. This kind of present will certainly bring thrills, excitement, and a wholesome experience to every Star Wars fan and puppy lover out there. If you want to unlock other Star Wars heroes, a lot of interesting characters are available in the Star Paws collection.

2. Baby Yoda Life-size Figure

Baby Yoda Life-size Figure

Fondly called by viewers as “Baby Yoda,” the strange alien referred to as Grogu, or The Child, has instantly become a fan favorite of the prominent Star Wars movies. An expensive life-size replica of Baby Yoda will surely put a smile on the face of whoever receives it as a present.

On the other hand, if you want to indulge in that Star Wars fanatic persona and treat yourself to a gift, this 15.6-inch figure of “The Child,” which is one of the best Mandalorian collectibles, is definitely a worthy grab. Just prepare to shell out around $375 before you can get a hand with this mysterious alien character. 

3. LEGO Boba Fett’s Starship 

LEGO Boba Fett's Starship 

When it comes to Star Wars Lego, there are definitely unlimited choices for this particular collection. However, this item here simply stands out, as it is packed with one of the coolest ships in the saga. Every Mandalorian fan will surely enjoy playing bounty-hunting battles and missions with this ultimate LEGO Boba Fett’s Starship.

Plus, if you’re on a tight budget, this will serve as a superb option for the price of $49 for a Star Wars gift. 

4. Custom Star Wars Lightforce Master Portrait

Custom Star Wars Lightforce Master Portrait
Image by: Iconic Paw

Nothing can beat splashing out the inner die-hard Star Wars fanatic within you rather than playing the character itself. Just imagine yourself getting into a spectacular pose as a Lightforce Hero or a Lightforce Master. This could be the best-ever gift you could give to yourself, heartening into reality your top-favorite character in Star Wars.

On the other hand, if you wish to be Master of the Force or become the mighty Hooded Darkforce Adept,  even just for a day, getting a personal portrait of this character is also a perfect treat. Not to mention, you only need to spend around $50 bucks, which makes it even more exciting.

5. Star Wars: The High Republic books

Star Wars: The High Republic books

For a bookworm friend who is also a hard-core enthusiast of Star Wars movies, giving him a Star Wars book would be awesome. There are a plethora of remarkable books in the Star Wars universe, which were all published a couple of years ago.

As its name might suggest, this series falls before the Skywalker or the Empire family. It tells tons of stories all at once, and anyone can enjoy reading. It comprises a collection of amazing novels, graphic novels, and even exclusive audio plays, and any book from this series would be a perfect gift for Star Wars fans.

6. Star Wars Pet’s Themed Photos 

Custom Star Wars Pet's Themed Photos
Image by: Iconic Paw’s Official Instagram

Another perfect gift idea for a puppy lover who is a fan of Star Wars movies is a customized portrait of their pet, engaging in a real pose as one of the nostalgic characters from the film. Ask a friend who their favorite character from the film is, and have their puppy do the actual pose. Any pet can be transformed into a  Bounty Hunter, Darth Vader, Princess PawLeia, and even become Darkforce Paw in an instant. Here in the iconic paw, these ideas will wholly transform into actual portraits.

7. Galaxy of Adventures Darth Vader action figure

Galaxy of Adventures Darth Vader action figure

If searching for a gift for a younger Star Wars fan, the Galaxy of Adventures Darth Vader action figure will be the perfect choice. Super affordable and sturdy yet made of great quality, these figures can be the perfect gift for kids who are super fans of Star Wars. The actual figure of Darth Vander could be the best example of how incredible this range is, bringing all the amazing personalities of the Dark Lord of the Sith into an amusing cartoon figurine.

8. Hot Toys Shadow Trooper

Hot Toys Shadow Trooper figurine

For sure, every Star Wars fan will enjoy the shape of a little Shadow Trooper, which is available at a modest price. It is carved from high-quality material, and this high-quality collectible has been growing in popularity among Star Wars memorabilia collectors since its first release on the market.

9. Galaxy’s Edge Plushies

Galaxy's Edge Plushies

The Galaxy’s Edge Plushies are another perfect gift for Star Wars fans. These plushies have a cutely handmade look that sets them apart and makes them stand out among other ready-made toys. They are truly adorable plushies that will remind you of many characters from Star Wars, which makes them a lovely gift for long-time die-hard fans of the Star Wars movies.

10. Star Wars Mug

Star Wars Mug

Drinking coffee while watching Star Wars movies, a Star Wars mug is definitely a perfect gift for any Star Wars fan. In fact, there are many very fine Star Wars mugs available for purchase, which makes them the most accessible and affordable gift you could ever find. When the hot liquid (12 oz) is poured in, the light sabers will promptly appear!

You’ll not only delight in drinking your coffee but will also be utterly entertained by the sudden appearance of your favorite iconic scenes from the Star Wars series.


If you have a Star Wars fan in your life, consider one of these ten gifts to make their day a lot brighter. With a wide selection of cool and unique items, there is sure to be something for every Jedi and Sith alike.


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Featured image courtesy of Amazon.

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