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Why do we dress up our Pets?

It doesn’t matter the size, shape, or age of our pets; there’s always so much joy to be found in playing dress up with our furry friends. Whether it’s as simple as putting on a fancy collar or as extravagant as making matching costumes for you and your pet, there’s fun to be had by all.

As all pet parents know, there are a few different reasons why we dress up our fur babies. Some of them are for practical reasons. For example, police and therapy dogs have to wear their uniforms when they’re working. There’s also a number of animals who get cold in the winter, especially pets that are old, or have thin to no fur, and need to wear sweaters or blankets to keep them warm.

If you’re ever watched greyhound or horse racing, you’ve probably seen them bundled up in blankets before they head to the racetrack. You might have also heard of vests specifically for pets with anxiety.

Of course, there are plenty of ways to dress up our pets in the name of fun. If your house is anything like mine, then going trick-or-treating means dressing up as a family, fur babies included! Halloween is a great reason to turn our pets into the princesses, pirates, and cowboys that they truly are, but even outside of the spooky season there’s no reason not to make our animal friends feel special. Dressing up your pet and having a one of a kind photo shoot is a great way to make them feel like the star of the show.

Why do we dress up our pets?

If you’ve ever pleaded with a broken computer to work or lovingly corrected a stuck Roomba, then you’ve experienced something called anthropomorphism. This long and hard to pronounce word is what happens when people project human-like qualities onto non-human things. One example of this is when we talk to our pets like they’re people, or even like they’re human babies. Obviously, they won’t talk back to us, but we still do it anyway. Another example is when we dress up our pets. Most of them already have fur to protect them and keep them warm, but that doesn’t stop us from making them look their best.

One of the reasons that people give human qualities to things is because they want to establish a connection and feel close to it. It makes sense then that we do this with our pets, because they’re part of our family. Doing things like talking to them and dressing them up helps us bond with our animals because we’re treating them like one of our own, which, for all intents and purposes, they are!

Dress Up Tips

The most important part of dressing up your pet is to make sure that they’re comfortable. We have to remember that most of our pets are already walking around with a fur coat on, and sometimes that’s enough! So, even though you may have found the cutest scarf and sweater combo for your four-legged baby, it’s a look that should be limited to cold winter months so that your pet won’t run the risk of overheating. Thankfully there’s plenty of funky summer alternatives that can keep your pet cool, like maybe a visor, or even some sunglasses.

Treats are a great incentive for getting pets to behave and even enjoy dress up time.

Unfortunately, there aren’t enough treats in the world to get some pets to tolerate a second layer. Even so, there are ways to dress up your pet that don’t involve fitting squirming limbs through tiny arm holes. If your pet is uncomfortable with full body coverings, then bows and bandanas can still add a splash of color and pizzazz. If nothing else, a fancy collar will always light up a room, especially when paired with a colorful leash or harness. And if you don’t have a dog, don’t worry! They make special harnesses for cats too!

No Patience, No Problem!

Unfortunately, there are some animals who simply don’t want to be dressed up. They want to run wild and free and naked–and honestly, who can blame them? Still, just because your pet won’t tolerate grandma’s hand knitted sweater for even a second doesn’t mean that you can’t get an elegant portrait of them dressed to the nines.

At Iconic Paw, we want your pet’s personality to shine, which is why we offer custom pet portraits with so many outfits to choose from. Whether your pet has the grace of a princess, the elegance of a duke, or the command of an admiral, you’re sure to find something that brings your furry friend to life on canvas. And don’t worry about coaxing your pet into a stuffy costume, we do that for you! Simply pick out which style of portrait suits your pet best, upload your favorite picture of your lovable friend, and before long you’ll have a portrait fit for a king hanging in your own home. So, come play dress up with us at and order your one of a kind pet portrait today!

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