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Pet-Related Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day 2021 is around the corner and it’s time to get started on your shopping. If you have a dedicated dog mom in your life, don’t forget about her this Mother’s Day. There are plenty of incredible gift ideas out there that are sure to make her day. Celebrate her love for her furry friend with any of these fun pet-related Mother’s Day gift ideas! 

Personalized Dog Mom Mug

A personalized mug that celebrates her furry baby is the perfect accessory for your favorite dog mom to bring to the office, on a camping trip, to a vacation home, or simply to enjoy her morning cup of coffee. There are many services that create personalized mugs and ship them right to your door, making this a convenient gift option for anyone. Choose a mug that includes her name if you want, so everyone knows it’s hers. Alternatively, add a cute photo of her with her dog so that every time she looks at her mug she’ll see her favorite four-legged friend looking back at her! 

Monthly Subscription Services

There are multiple subscription services out there that cater to pet lovers. Give a unique gift this Mother’s Day and invest in a subscription box for the dog mom in your life. You’ll be able to select the length of subscription you prefer to keep things budget-friendly, and she’ll love getting surprise gifts delivered right to her door! Choose subscription boxes targeted specifically for dog moms; some contain customizable gifts, while others contain some items for Mom and others for her dog. 

Trendy Dog Mom Apparel 

Do you have a fashion-forward dog mom in your life? Take a look around for some trendy dog-mom-targeted apparel, such as a hat, shirt, or even a tote bag. This is your chance to help a local artist or craftsperson; craft fairs or sites like Etsy are full of dog mom apparel. Some items even target specific breeds, so if your dog mom has a certain favorite she can easily showcase it in a cute, stylish way. 

Matching Ascots

Elevate your dog mom’s next photoshoot with matching outfits that she can use in her next photo shoot. You can find sites that sell matching sweaters and dog collars, matching scarves, and even matching pajamas – you can make your selection based on how fashion-conscious she is. Your dog mom will love coordinating her outfit with her favorite fur child – and she will get more social media “likes” than she’ll know what to do with! 

Pet Lover Wine Glass

Some days, all your dog mom will want to do is pour herself a glass of wine and curl up on the couch with her pooch. A wine glass that pays homage to her love for her dog will be just what she needs for a true evening of relaxation. You can find all kinds of styles, including glasses that come with or without stems. You can choose between designs that feature her dog’s name, a cute picture of her dog, or pet-related messages.

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