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Is Your Pet Camera Shy? How To Get Your Pet More Relaxed In Front Of The Camera

We all love taking photos of our pets — I know I’ve got an iPhone camera roll full of pictures of my furry friend eating, sleeping, playing, etc. But it can sometimes be hard to capture the right photo when your pet is constantly on the move.

More often than not, you end up with a blurry photo of your pet zooming from one side of the couch to the other because they just can’t sit still.

It’s so cute, yet so infuriating! How are you supposed to capture these memories if they won’t sit still for a photo session?

That’s why we’ve put together a helpful list of pet photography tips help put your furry friend at ease the next time you want to bust out the camera — because pet relaxation is a must if you want the perfect photo.

Pet Photography Tips: How To Get Your Pet More Relaxed In Front Of The Camera

  • Have treats handy

Our first tip for pet relaxation that furry friend of yours is to have treats handy. Yes, treats. Yes, all of the treats.

With treats, you can help reinforce the good behavior of sitting still and staying relaxed. You can also use the treats to get your pet into the perfect position for the best photo possible.

Our pets love their treats, and they will pretty much do anything for a small handful of snacks.

  • Keep the noise level down

Another way to put your pet at ease for your next photo session is by ensuring the environment around them is calm and relaxing. One thing that can definitely shift the mood and attention of your pet is noise.

For some, loud noises are very scary. Loud music, roaring car engines and the like can cause your pet to run, hide or bark, effectively ruining your photoshoot.

Make sure you’re in a nice, relaxing a quiet space and you’ll get your shot in no time.

  • Play with toys

Who doesn’t love toys, right? Whether your pet has their favorite ball, stuffed animal or roll of paper towels — whatever they love playing with, you can incorporate into your photoshoot to put them even more at ease and bring out their personality.

Having toys around to play with can give your furry friend the playfulness and the confidence to really shine. It’s also a great way to distract your pet if something goes slightly awry. Who can tell the mailman is right outside when you’re fetching your favorite ball?

  • Practice practice practice

Unfortunately, it really does take practice and patience to snap the best photo and get your pet at ease. You have to really understand your furry friend and make sure you’re giving them everything they need to thrive.

Maybe this means filling their tummy with food and treats. Maybe it means tossing a ball around for a few before you take out the camera. Maybe it means treating them to a little spa day.

Every pet is different with different personalities, wants and needs. But there’s always a way to get them to pose for the photo of your dreams — it just takes practice.

And before you know it, your pet will be more than willing to sit still for your next photo sessions — especially if they know their favorite bag of treats is just a few clicks away. With these pet photography tips, you’re not far from the perfect pic.

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