8 Ways to Keep Your Pet Cool This Summer Infographics

8 Ways to Keep Your Pet Cool This Summer

Once the summer heat starts, we’re quick to break out the shorts and flip flops, but imagine trying to stay cool with a fur coat on. Well, that’s what your pet goes thought every time summer rolls around! Our pets can get overheated just as easily as we do, if not even quicker, since their bodies aren’t as effective at cooling them down. So, while we do our best to beat the heat, here are a few tips on keeping your pet cool during these long summer months.

Get them a summer cut

Keeping your pet’s fur trimmed is especially important for dogs and cats with long hair. They may look funny with their fluffy heads and skinny bodies, but it’s definitely worth it to help keep them cool. Whether you’re manning the clippers yourself or taking your pet to a groomer, make sure you ask a professional what kind of cut is best for keeping your furry friend from overheating.

Have a doggy pool party

If your dog likes to play in the water, then a cheap inflatable kiddie pool might be a great investment. Fill the pool up with some ice water, throw in a few of your dog’s toys, and watch them have a blast! Some dogs also enjoy playing with the water hose, too, so try adding an attachable sprinkler that your dog can run around in.

Protect their paws

Our pets paws are more durable than the bottom of our feet, but they can still be badly burned on hot asphalt. One way to tell if the pavement is too hot is to use the Rule of Thumb. If you place your thumb on the concrete and it’s too hot to keep it there for more than a few seconds, then it’s too hot for your pet. If walking on the pavement is unavoidable for your furry friend, one solution is to hose it down beforehand to cool it off.

Ice cube fetch

Some dogs will chase anything that moves, and the same is true with some cats too. Your pets can easily overheat with too much exercise in the summer, so try switching out the toy ball or fake mouse with a few ice cubes. Your pet will lick the ice while they play, and this way, you won’t even have to worry about picking that slobbery ball back up.

Give them a frozen water bottle

This is especially useful for pets that stay in cages like rabbits or guinea pigs since they don’t have as many places where they can escape the heat. Place a water bottle in the freezer overnight and then put it in their cage the next day so they can cuddle up to it whenever they need to cool off. At the end of the day just pop the water bottle back in the freezer, and it’ll be ready to use again tomorrow.

Make a frozen treat bowl

This little DIY is super useful if your dog has to stay outside for any length of time, though even your inside pooches are sure to love this treat as well. Simply take one of your dog bowls, fill it with a mix of water and chicken broth, and put in a few of their favorite treats. Place it in the freezer overnight until the whole thing turns into ice. The chicken broth will keep your dog interested in the bowl and keep them fresh until they reach the treats at the bottom.

Buy or make a cooling mat

Our pets love to stretch out and laze around, whether they’re warming up in the sun or cooling off in the shade. You can help your pet when they’re trying to chill out by giving them a cooling mat. These can be found at stores like Petco or Walmart, but if you’re crafty, you could even make one at home. Buzzfeed Nifty has a great tutorial video that only requires some fleece fabric, an old shoe hanging rack, some cold packs, and a bit of sewing.

Make some doggy ice cream

It’s true, you can find dog-safe ice cream in some stores or online, but this frozen treat is super easy to make at home and only requires ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen. That’s right, no ice cream machine needed! We found one recipe here that only needs peanut butter, plain yogurt, and bananas. Your dog is sure to love the taste, just make sure to treat them in moderation.

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