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8 Easy Steps on How to Toilet Train Your Cat

For pet owners, toilet training a cat can be a great convenience, as it eliminates the need for a litter box and the associated mess and odor. However, successful toilet training with your cat requires patience and consistency. In this article, let us discuss 8 easy and useful steps on how to toilet train your cat.

What is toilet training?

Toilet training a cat includes teaching your feline how to use the toilet rather than a litter box. For fur parents, this can be a very convenient, as well as environmentally-friendly option, given that it eliminates the necessity for litter and reduces waste. However, toilet training your cat can be quite a challenging process, as it needs consistency, as well as your long patience. 

cat inside the litter box
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Notably, felines are creatures of habit, so pet owners need to be consistent with their toilet training routine. Simply put, you need to keep the litter box in the same location and utilize the same training method every day. Additionally, it is inevitable for cats to encounter some accidents while engaging in toilet training, so cleaning up any messes promptly is important. Pet parents should also not forget to praise their cats when they use the toilet appropriately and correctly.

Furthermore, keep in mind that  not all felines are suitable candidates for toilet training. That being said, it may not be the best option for every pet owner. Consulting your veterinarian or animal behaviorist first is always a good idea before you proceed with toilet training your cat.

8 Easy Steps to Toilet Train Your Cat

Step 1: Pick the right bathroom’s location.

The first thing you need to do is choose a bathroom your cat can easily access and enter. It’s important to note that the bathroom should be a place where your feline feels comfortable. It should also be free from any distractions.

Step 2: Start with introducing the litter box to the toilet.

Let your cat get used to using the litter box. After some time, you can start placing your feline’s litter box next to the toilet set.

Step 3: Don’t forget to buy a training seat.

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You will need a special training seat, so look for one that easily fits over the toilet seat and has a hole in the center. Double-check the seat to see if it’s secure and will not move around whenever your feline jumps onto it.

Step 4: Move the litter box onto the training seat.

You can move the box onto the training seat, especially if your cat get used to using the litter box. Make sure to double-check if the box is placed appropriately and will not tip over.

Step 5: Gradually remove the litter.

Over time, you can start removing the litter from the box until such time your feline feels comfortable utilizing the box even without the litter.

Step 6: Remove the box

Once you notice that your feline uses the training seat without the litter box, it is now time for you to remove the box and allow your cat to use the seat directly.

Step 7: Gradually enlarge the hole.

Remember that the training seat’s hole should be small at first. You can slowly enlarge it after a while until it is about the same size as the toilet seat.

Step 8: Give your cat a reward.

Throughout the entire toilet training process, do not forget to praise your cat and give a reward after they utilize the toilet correctly. Giving your cat treats, verbally praising them, and petting them can all be great and effective rewards.


Keep in mind that not every cat will undergo toilet training. Sometimes, it may take a few weeks or even a couple of months to fully train your cat how to use a toilet. As such, it is important to be patient and consistent with your training method and reward your feline for its good behavior. With time and patience, you can finally and successfully train your cat how to use a toilet and enjoy the convenience of a litter-free home.



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