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Iconic Paw Supports Pet Rescues & Charities

You might have heard a saying indicating that no one can do everything, but everyone can do something? At Iconic Paw, this is something we try our best to honor by collaborating and partnering with charities and pet rescue organizations across the continent.

Our goal is not only to offer our customers the most unique and eye-catching pet portraits, but also an opportunity to help animals in need with every purchase.

Helping Animals In Need

While society has come a long way in terms of animal care, there is still a long way left to go. It is estimated that there are currently around 70 million homeless cats in the United States, and according to DoSomething.org, for every 10 dogs that are born, only one will find a forever family. Add other animals to these statistics and the urgency to do something about it becomes evident.

Luckily, there are thousands of organizations out there working relentlessly to make a change and to save animals that would have otherwise continued to live in deplorable conditions, roam the streets, or in other ways suffer.

dog on the abandoned area

At Iconic Paw, we believe it is our duty and responsibility to highlight charities and organizations that do their part, as they are all heroes not only in our eyes but in the eyes of the animals they help.

Iconic Paw Charity Partners

We would like to introduce you to the charities we are currently partnered with, and we invite you to have a look to see if there is anything additional you can do to help an organization in your area.

There will likely be future additions made to this list so stay tuned as we continue to explore ways for us, as a company, to pay it forward.


How You Can Help

To tie back to what we said in the beginning – everyone can do something, even if it’s small. Get involved with local rescue organizations to see how you can best be of help. Perhaps it is to foster dogs or cats that are waiting to be adopted, or maybe you can donate food, cleaning supplies, or offer to take a dog for a weekly walk.

cat (left) and dog (right)

Another way to help is through us. When supporting us by considering a pet portrait of your furry (or not so furry) friend, you also support all these rescue organizations and the animals they work so hard to help.

We can all do something to make the world a better place for dogs, cats, and other animals, and it is never too late to get started and become an advocate for animals that got an unfortunate start in life.

More about our charity partners here.

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