8 Benefits of Being a Cat Owner- Infographics

8 Benefits of Being a Cat Owner

Cats may get a bad rap for being cool and aloof and not caring about their owners, but ask any cat owner and they’ll tell you these things simply aren’t true. While it may be that some cats are cuddly and some are not, anyone who has been on the receiving end of those slow blinking eyes knows what it’s like to have a feline’s love. Not only do cats offer us their love and affection, they improve our lives in many other ways too.

  1. Cats are good for our hearts

When placed in a stressful situation, cat owners on average experience a lower resting heart rate and lower blood pressure than people who don’t have pets.

  1. Cats are also good for our mental health

Having a cat in your home can both reduce stress and promote confidence. This partially comes from the fact that cats prevent loneliness, something that can be detrimental to our mental health.

  1. The same is true for children

Studies show that kids who grow up with a cat in the home are more energetic and attentive and are less likely to experience loneliness.

  1. Cats provide emotional support

They do this by being a stable presence in our lives that don’t judge us based on human standards, like how well we did in school or how productive we were at work.

  1. Cats improve our relationships

People who build a social relationship with their pet are more equipped to handle social interaction with other humans.

  1. Cats encourage healing

Some studies state that when cats purr, they are vibrating at a frequency that actually encourages healing in muscles, bones, and soft tissues.

  1. Cats protect our homes

It’s safe to say that not every cat is an apex predator, but many of our furry friends are still skilled at hunting down any pests that try to enter our homes. Everything from mice to bugs have to watch out when a cat is on the prowl.

  1. They bring us joy

Whether you’re finding your cat in the most unexpected of places (drawers, closets, on top of the kitchen cabinets) or watching them dazedly roll around in a pile of catnip, there’s no denying that their shenanigans fill our lives with joy and laughter.


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